ERASMUS Placement TES Lab Offer Form 2016


The “Turkish & Eurasian Studies Lab” (TES Lab) is inviting candidates eligible for an Erasmus scholarship to apply for an Erasmus Placement position as from January 2017.

The TES Lab is an academic laboratory which aims to provide students and young researchers the necessary conceptual and theoretical knowledge on Turkish & Eurasian Affairs.

The TES Lab consists of scientific research groups on Turkey, Caucasus, and Russia & Central Asia, which focalize on the study and the analysis of the contemporary political, security and economic developments of these areas.

The TES Lab publishes series, such as monthly Chronicles, semestrial Journals, occasional Info Notes, Yearbooks, etc., which are available on the Internet. Besides, it organizes conferences, lectures, and discussions.

Below you can find the link to our Erasmus Placement Offer.

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